• A vocational centre like no other!!

    Shadd Health & Business Centre (SHBC) of the Adult and Vocational Services Department of the English Montreal School Board, is a vocational centre located in Montreal in the district of Notre Dame de Grace. Students are trained to meet the needs of today's office & health environments. At Shadd, students acquire extensive skills using the latest computer applications and accounting techniques to prepare them for success in the 21st Century.

    • Centre of expertise 
    • Multi-faceted teaching staff
    • Industry driver

    At Shadd we strive to be 'the best we can be' in all endeavors! Our teaching staff is comprised of industry professionals and students who are dedicated to achieving to the best of their abilities. Welcome to Shadd! We encourage you to challenge your abilities, to set attainable goals, and to strive for excellence. Thank you for choosing SHBC. We are certain our programs will meet your educational expectations.

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    • Diverse student community

Mission Statement

Committment to providing an inclusive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and life-long learning. Our mission is to offer students the opportunity to develop the practical, social and technical skills for success in today's modern world.